This is a Proteus catalog from 1976-1977. I have shown the pages that include the frame building kit they offered. Below the photos is a brief history of the company. They are still in existence in College Park, Maryland as a bike shop. History and group shot were  borrowed from the Classic Rendezvous site. I always liked this company and their approach to frame building, something for every level of craftsman.

     1972: Across the street from the University of Maryland, 3 young bike enthusiasts  decided to make their own bikes and a booming business was begun. Proteus took a very hands-on, proletariat approach… you could buy a bike frame, or a bike frame kit, or have your kit’s tubes mitered by Proteus, or have your bike painted after you made it at home!
     Proteus also was a prime supplier for building bits and tubing. They published a frame building manual (even had a second revised edition, both sadly long out of print)) which made the magical art of frame construction more accessible to the average craftsman.
     Frames were made by various employees who changed regularly, yet, on occasion, highly trained master builders also came & went at Proteus. Perhaps most notable was
Koichi Yamaguchi, who went on to have his own workshop in Colorado and build quite a reputation.

Top: Larry Dean, Beth Williams, Barry Konig-
Bottom: Steve Schuman, Jim Wilkin at the Proteus Design bike shop
photo courtesy

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