I firmly believe  in cycling. From its health benefits to the liberation it provides ones soul, to the positive impact it has on society as a whole and global well being. This is a special bike, those who have worked on them know what I mean. I have encountered many of these bikes over the years and they are difficult to work on, to say the least. This one however, is a time capsule new old stock example complete with owners manual and bar tape. Pretty cool. I guess. This is a rare opportunity to own a truly unique example.
     The television commercial speaks for itself. check it out: Huffy Aerowind TV commercial!  
                Please email at: bikeville@gmail.com for price or with any insults and or heckling.
Check out the last photo that shows how to true a wheel with an adjustable wrench! Good stuff.
All jokes aside, this bike has its place in cycling history and would make an excellent addition to a collection.

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