Most folks who read this blog may be scratching their head on this post. Trust me, this bike is unique. I recently posted an article about the CNC component craze of the 1990’s in the mountain bike world, and this bike is a prime example of the innovations that were happening at the time.
     The frame and fork were designed and built by AMP Research, an American company based in Tustin, California. The company was started by Horst Leitner, who was a champion motor cross rider in Europe and came to America in the late 1970’s. His focus was on improving motor cross bikes and engineered many cutting edge suspension designs and built custom machines under the famous ATK brand. Here is a link to the company’s history and website AMP Research! He moved on to mountain bikes in the 1990’s and engineered some of the first suspension mountain bikes that today are quite common place.He licensed and sold  many patents and designs to Specialized, thus creating the foundation for their FSR full suspension mountain bikes. Here is a link to their mountain bike designs with articles and history of his systems. AMP Research suspension mountain bikes! The company no longer makes these bikes and mostly innovates in car accessories and other endeavors.
     The bike also has some awesome componentry. Most notable is the White Industries LMDS rear derailleur system. LMDS stands for Linear Motion Derailleur System and is considered by some to be the epitome of derailleur design, and by others to be over designed crap. In my opinion, it is beautiful and intriguing. You be the judge as well. Here is a link to an explanation of how it functions and its history. White Industries LMDS Derailleur! 
     Yes, in case you were wondering it was brought in for repair, and our excellent mechanics were up to the task!
                                                        Check out the photos and enjoy!

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