This exhibit was put together by a collector friend of ours, Mr. Edward Albert. He is an invaluable asset to NYC cycling history, if you can, definately go check out this exhibit at the City Reliquary Museum in Brooklyn, NY. Check out below for all the details!

A Dark Day in Sunnyside
a bike obsessed life of damage and redemption
Exhibit at the City Reliquary through August
Brooklyn, June 11, 2014:  The fixie riding hipster  is  just as  common today  in the  urban landscape of New York as an  awkwardly  helmeted tourist browsing the rows of CitiBikes. But long before every hip Brooklyn neighborhood had at least one  or two bike boutiques, Dick Power was crafting fine artisan bicycle frames in Sunnyside, Queens.  A  Dark  Day  in Sunnyside  is the newest exhibit by The City Reliquary Museum, and it examines the life and times of this man, whose obsession with racing bicycles led to consequences inspiring, but also dark.
Unlike the worthy but workmanlike frame building of the 20s, Power used expensive  silver to braze the tubes of the  frames  to  lugs,  knowing  that  the  lower  melting  point  of  the  precious metal  would leave the tubing  unbowed  and  the  bike  straighter. This sort of care became the hallmark of the American frame builder, different from the “good enough” work of old-world craftsmen.
Power was also a  patriot, intent on being an All-American even though he had to navigate a world that ultimately crushed his family and took away a son,  leaving him, and ultimately us, only the bicycles that he built as a lasting monument. A Dark Day  in Sunnyside,  is a tribute to this pivotal bicycle artisan, and displays many of those bicycles which stand as a monument to Power’s life, story, and place in the annals of bicycle history.
Catch  a  glimpse, reflected  in  the  silver  braze,  of  a  most  remarkable  life. The bikes on display come from the collection  of  Edward  H  Albert,  a  former  road  racer,  avid  vintage  bicycle  collector,  and dedicated  chronicler  of bicycle  history.  The  City  Reliquary  Museum  is  thrilled  to  present  these  priceless  examples  of  early American bicycle artistry to the public in this brand new Exhibit.
Located at 370 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The City Reliquary Museum & Civic Organization provides a wide array of services to the community. As a certified 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we are committed to serving the people of New York City – natives, newcomers, and passersby. Originally established as a window-front display only museum in 2002 at the corner of Grand and HavemeyerSts, it moved into its present location in 2006 and became dedicated to planning and hosting public events, which provide neighbors and visitors with a place to meet, exchange ideas, and celebrate the diversity of our community.
The City Reliquary’s hours are: Thursday through Sunday: 12pm – 6pm.
Admission to the museum is $5-10 suggested donation. For general information, please visit the Museum’s website
The City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Phone: (718)-RU-CIVIC

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