This is another one of my favorite bikes in the shop’s collection. It is a somewhat of a mystery because I do not know the maker, which makes it all the more intriguing. I believe it to be British based upon a few details, I also estimate it to from the late 1940’s- early 50’s. First is the pencil thin style seat stays. A neat detail is how they are un-capped at the top. I do not know of a reason for this other than aesthetic and perhaps cost saving. The chain stays are also open at the rear drop outs and the fork blades. They are nicely done. The head lugs are very well executed with large window cut outs. The same is true for the fork crown. I like the integrated head set cups as well.  The fork is also unique because of how the blades flare out sideways from top to bottom. the photo showing this does not really do them justice. Very elegant.
     A very nice Major Taylor style stem with a unique lamp bracket is also a nice touch. The wheels are B.H. Air Lite hubs laced to Dunlop lightweight 27 X 1 1/4″ rims. These rims were favored for their durability and light weight even after aluminum rims came into play. a nice older Brooks B 17 Champion narrow saddle with drilling is also very aesthetically pleasing and durable.  The bike was re painted many years ago. Hopefully someday soon we will finish putting it together and get some miles on it. Maybe with a Chater Lea bottom bracket and cranks?

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