This is one of my favorite bikes the shop owns. it is a 1959 Schwinn Paramount track model. This bike is unique for a few reasons. It is somewhat of a transition bike. it has the Nervex Professional lugs which became very popular in the coming years ahead. Up to this point, Paramounts had the more iconic keyhole style lugs. It still has the older style fork crown too. The bike also has all the proprietary Schwinn Paramount components like the large flange “telephone dial” hubs, Paramount stamped cranks, adjustable track stem, “AS” stamped bottom bracket, Paramount chain tensioners, Schwinn racing grips (repop), and “AS” binder bolts all around. It also has the older decals. So, it kind of straddles two eras of production, making it stand out.
     The paint color, radiant coppertone is my all time favorite Schwinn color, and somewhat of a rarity. It consists of an aluminum under coat and then the translucent orange on top, making it really sparkle in the sun. Pictures hardly do it justice. The two color box lining is superb and shows just how much attention was paid to detail on this bike. I may have forgot to mention that these aspects are all ORIGINAL to the bike! The chrome is in fantastic shape as well! It is my understanding that this bike was never really ridden and as such is a fantastic time capsule piece! It was sold out of Bergenfield, NJ which has a personal connection for me because I have some family in that area. Anyway, enjoy the photos. This is a classic American race bike!

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