This is a pretty cool wheel set we recently acquired. The rims are the real stand out feature to me. They are stamped Banfi Canti & c.- Saronno- Brev.N. 330834-“made in Italy”. this company was mostly known for making motorcycle rims. They did also make bicycle rims, which were a bit of a rarity. These rims are only 5mm tall! The spoke drillings are very close to the edges of the rim as well, 5mm again. The spoke nipples are filed off flush with the tire side of the rim, I imagine a very time consuming process.
     The hubs are pretty cool as well. They are made by Siamt, which was an Italian company. Siamt made very high quality hubs like their contemporaries F.B., who famously went on to produce hubs for Campagnolo when Tulio started production.
     The rear hub is single side track threading. No lock ring or axle nuts included. Also missing the non drive side lock nut. Front wheel is missing the axle assembly all together. The bearing races feel fine though.
      This is a rare opportunity to own a really cool wheel set from the 1940’s to finish your Italian pista project! Rear wheel has a couple flat spots as well, but could be sorted out by a skilled mechanic.
                                                email at: for price.

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