This is a pretty nice bike that is kind of a mystery. Unknown track frame in light blue paint with a few scratches and scuffs. Pretty nice un-drilled track fork. Faux twin plate style, Round beefy fork blades. Well brazed, lugs are somewhat thinned out, double butted tubing of unknown make. Interesting seat stay caps, un-drilled rear brake bridge. AGV decal on head badge, which make motorcycle helmets. Grab-on decal on seat tube which make grips.This would build up into a really nice training bike or around town bike for a skilled fixed gear rider.  Measurements and details are as follows:
                                                      57cm center to center seat tube                                   
                                                     59cm center to top seat tube.
                                                      56cm center to center top tube.
                                                      33 1/2″ stand over height.
                                                       Gipiemme rear track drop outs.
                                                       Campagnolo fork tips.
                                                       English threaded  bottom bracket shell. Shimano Dura-Ace?                                                            BB installed and feels great. 105-106mm spindle
                                                        Suntour Superbe road (steel) headset installed and  feels great.
                                                       Requires 26.6 seat post.
                                                       22.2 steerer insertion.                                                      
                                                       Cost is $350.00 for everything pictured.
                                                        Email at with any questions

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