Todays edition features this pretty slick 70’s Colnago track bike. We acquired this a few years ago at a swap meet, it has been hanging in the office ever since. Curtis says he has plans to put it back in action, but he is a very busy man with little free time. So, it patiently waits.
     It is outfitted with all the components one would imagine to grace such a specialty machine. Steel Cinelli stem and Pista bars, model 18 I believe. Campagnolo pista grouppo with the cool steel pista headset. Crank arms have unusual stamping on the back, no date code but 8 digit number sequence. Not sure of the signifigance. Super Champion  Arc en Ciel rims laced to Record pista hubs. The bike currently has a San Marco Concor saddle, but we have the proper Colnago Unicanitor saddle for it. Maybe some day we will install it?

The decals are mostly gone but the ghost images are still visible as well as a few bits. The fork crown on this bike is the real star in my opinion. Large “C” with clover graces the top of the flat crown. Immediately recognizable. Nice round fork blades are very strong. The clearance between the front tire and crown is super tight, literally 2mm. I really like that look and it also speaks to the precision of who ever built these wheels , very little room for error. Elegant head tube lugs with classic clover cut outs. Nice seat cluster with smooth lines, again classic Italian styling. Campagnolo track ends and nice clover cut out in the BB shell. The paint leaves a little to be desired in my opinion, not really feeling the “ketchup” red. But that is just nit-picking. This bike is superb, a real thoroughbred in great original condition!


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