Here is a pretty cool article on about how Ignazio Marino, current mayor of Rome, Italy made some drastic changes to city streets regarding a more cycling friendly environment. Oh yeah, he is also a customer of ours and credits Philadelphia and the bike we sold him as starting him down that path of seeing cycling as a viable alternative form of transportation!

“Philadelphia,” he explained, “taught me how to go around a city without a car.”
Even though Marino spent his formative years in cities whose narrow streets encourage walking – Genoa as a child, Rome for medical school – he said it wasn’t until he moved to Philadelphia in 2003 that he lived in a city without owning a car.
At the urging of his daughter, the family sold its car. To get around, Marino picked up a used Schwinn at Via Bicycle on Ninth Street. He soon became a distinctive sight in Philadelphia, whizzing around on his red bike in his green hospital scrubs.

Ignazio Marino rides his bike through Rome. Marino is a former transplant surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In Philadelphia, he and his family learned to do without owning a car.
photo by (GUIDO SCHWARZ)

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