Beautiful, late 1960s Carlton. Original finish, and it appears the only components updated are the tires.

Milremo cranks, probably produced by Stronglight but stamped Milremo. TA chainrings.

Zeus dropouts and Campagnolo Record rear derailleur.

Late 1960s GB stem, with raised lip around the stem binder bolt. That was discontinued around 1969-1970, next version did not have the raised lip,  or the red sticker GB handlebar binder bolt, or the red size sticker(90mm). The GB Tourmalet (map of England) handlebars are beautiful as well.

2 thoughts on “Late 1960s Carlton

  1. Seems more likely a '70s frame with those Zeus dropouts. I ordered a few Carltons, including a personal one in 1965, and only Campagnolo or Carlton dropouts were on the order form form my Franco Suisse, for instance. The only cottered cranks were Williams.


  2. Lovely bike….as so often with Carlton it doesn't seem to match any particular model in any of their catalogues from that period. I have several Carltons from the 60's and 70's and NONE match anything pictured or described in their catalogues…and most of my bikes are known to be completely original and unmodified…. If this one ever comes up for sale then i'm definitely in the queue!


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