3 thoughts on “Randonneur bike riding on NPR

  1. because it is not touring, not the same at all. Touring is very loose, this is structured. you have to follow a cue sheet and if you are off the approved course you can be penalized. you have checkpoints that you must get your arrival validated and it must be within a predetermined time. And at the end, your stamped card must be validated for it to count.
    Sure you can just go out and ride a 200km ride and call it touring, but it is not randonneuring if it is not setup according to guidelines. Like kicking a ball around and calling it soccer(football), it is not soccer unless you have a goal and adhere to the structure within the game.
    sure you are riding similar distances as you might be while touring, but touring does that have the structure and rules that Randonneuring does.


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