This Nordstjernan Wiklund bicycle made in Stockholm Sweden was seen at a local bicycle swap meet a year or two ago. I had never seen the brand before and it had some interesting features, but also some signs of a more utilitarian bicycle, rather than the usual vintage lightweight that I like. It was equipped with Cyclo Benelux derailleurs but with an unusual one piece bottom bracket/crankset found on lower end American bikes. The bottom bracket was a smaller diameter than the American Ashtabula design and did not use a locknut in conjunction with an adjustable race on the non-driveside.
It also appeared to use a headclip design, like that found on British lightweights from the 1930s-1950s.
The frame was filet brazed or welded, lugless, and the joinery looked cumbersome, a production bike.

This aluminum “collar” appears to be an owner’s ID, maybe Sweden followed a similar system as France in that the bikes had to have the owner’s name on them?

Unique one piece bottom bracket crank.

Steel Titan stem and with aluminum handlebars stamped Tour de France S. Maes handlebars and Championnat du Monde M. Kint.  Sylvère Maes was a Belgian rider
Marcel Kint was also a Belgian rider and former World Champion cyclist.

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