(written Spring of 2011, I forgot to post)
 I was recently look at Toei bikes in the book from New Cycling and on various websites and thought it was quite particular that they build up new frames using vintage parts. I have known that for a long time, and could even see some of the parts that I have sold used on some of the bikes, but it still seemed foreign.  Toei has always been fascinated with vintage French bike builders like Rene Herse and Alex Singer, they started in the 1950s, when the look was not vintage.

Simplex Record 60 rear derailleur(1960), Stonglight mod. 63 Super Competition cranks(mid 1960s), Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs(1950s), Mafac Dural Forged brakes(1950s-60s), Toei Frame/Fork/Stem(2006)

An early build up of my Hanford, for a 300km ride in 2011. I was figuring out stem length and my front rack was not built yet.

A more current view of the Hanford is here from the summer of 2012.

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