Near mint Team Fuji track frameset

 Wheels upon wheels! Suntour Superbe Pro and Campagnolo Nuovo Record in Raleigh and Suntour wheel coverings.

Limited edition Campagnolo belt buckles.

Alvin Drysdale Velox, with 2 trophies and plaque. Very nice piece.


Funny bike with a Cyclart repaint.

Pierce Arrow.

Gormully and Jeffery Rambler No. 12.  1891-1892.

Early 1970s Schwinn Paramount track bike.

Pile of 3 early bicycles, 1890s-1900s. Racycle, American(Chicago), ???
I like the different tread patterns on the tires, so it leaves a nice trail. One is ‘chaintread’ and the other leaves X’s.

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