Restored Malvern 3 Star “Oppy Racer”

We recently sold a Cyclo Oppy gear system for this restored Malvern 3 Star “Oppy Racer”.  We luckily had a new old stock one with cables and shifter that would be perfect for it. Not only does it look great, it is reported to also shift well. The Oppy is named after the famous Australian cyclist and later statesman Sir Hubert Opperman.
Here is more information on the Cyclo Oppy derailleur.
from the customer-
“I have finally finished the 1940 Malvern Star, 3 Star, Oppy Racer, using the Cyclo Oppy derailleur you sold me back on 16th May 2012.   The bike was purchase on the 17th December 1940 for 15 pound 19 shillings and 6 pence by a Mr Arnold White in Adelaide, Australia.  It sat for over 45 years in a disused chicken coup until Mr White died and I inherited it.  The tyres even pumped up and I rode it after putting the wheels back on, as found on a 10 mile ride.  The only part missing was the Oppy Derailleur that had been replaced with a Cyclo Benelux Mk 7 in the 50’s. It still has the original leather saddle.  Since restoration I have ridden it once last Saturday for 25 miles without a problem. The gears work well and the geometry of the frame is similar to my Cannondale CAAD 9 (built in the USA) that I normally ride, other than the large caster angle on the front forks.  On one of the downhill sections I hit 45 mph which is not bad for 72 year old spokes.  Thank you for your assistance and that beautiful NOS derailleur.”

the state of the frame before restoration
Restored with the NOS Cyclo Oppy derailleur

3 thoughts on “Customer’s bike -Cyclo Oppy Gear system on Malvern Star

  1. What a lovely restoration. Do you happen to know who made that axle tug shown in the photo of the rear end? Was that made by Cyclo too? Would you have any for sale possibly?
    Tim Potter


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