Items seen for sale at Cirque Swap meet.
I’ve said it before, go to swap meets- buy and sell and trade.
(and these are parts I didn’t buy, things I left for others. . .)

A load of new old stock items- vintage Campagnolo and Dura Ace.

crate of hubs- Campagnolo, Airlite, Harden, etc

Cinelli Stem badge and a Rivendell headbadge

a well used pair of Campagnolo con Denti pedals

NOS TA tandem crankset with bottom brackets.

Classic Rendezvous wool jerseys. Ok, I bought one for myself!

4 thoughts on “Cirque Swap Meet 2012

  1. Have you found the copies of Le monde DE Daniel Rebour yet? I was in a shop the other day that had a stack of volumes ,I didn't check which he had as I have a complete set back home, but soon enough I will be back in his shop for some bits to fix the bike I have here, if you want I can check his availabilty.I did notice that he had most of the FAT special New CYCLING issues includng the reprint of the Derrailieur Book and the Rene Herse book..In other words I am in japan near a shop with a well stocked book/magazine shelf..let me know what titles you are searching for. BYW I have a couple of Rebour drawings as well but just single images broken from full layouts..One of my sensei's(ken taylor) used to hang out with Daniel and talk cameras and bikes…


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