My name is Aaron Popelka, and I am a mechanic at Via Bicycle.  I will periodically be making guest posts on this blog to supplement Joel’s regular posts.
This past weekend I accompanied the Via team to Cirque for the Sunday show and swap meet. I took many more photos, and will be posting more detailed photos and descriptions of bikes in the coming days, but here is a sampling of some of the bikes that were there that were particularly interesting or beautiful.
J. P. Weigle

Super clean Mario Confente track bike in the hotel lobby, owned by Wayne Bingham, organizer of Cirque.  I wish I could get a drive side shot, but the couch was in the way.
An early Hi-E lightweight road bike owned by Larry Black.

 Pristine Paramount headlugs.

Dual headlights and a nice rack on a J.P. Weigle.

Alex Singer constructeur bike.

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