Yes, complete with bent fork, and bent rear triangle. To the casual observer, this is just a rusty ol’ bike. To a balloon tire bicycle or Schwinn collector, this is an amazing “barn fresh” bike. Barn fresh is a term used in the collector world that means it has recently surfaced from where ever it has been for the last 75 years or so, untouched by a restorer or collector.
Sold, before we got there. Yes, we were late.. . .

 Beautiful fender bomb with green reflector.

 Schwinn Excelsior headbadge

 Crossbar with built in speedometer(needs a little work, of course)

 Reflectors are attached to both sides of the hanging tank.

 EA bake-a-lite button.

 Interior of the speedometer. seen better days.

 “Pogo” seat- it is a sprung saddle, that gives a pogo effect when riding.

 Tank opens from this side to store batteries, tools, baseball cards. Locking fork, complete with key.

Hole in chainstay from the crankarm rubbing while riding. The crank arm is not bent, it is the rear triangle of the frame that is out of alignment. I guess ‘junior’ didn’t hear that clicking noise every crank rotation. Notice the Miller kickstand, this was before Schwinn welded their patented kickstands on their frames.

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