early 1970s Cinelli. repaint, after a cracked bottom bracket was repaired.

A rack of bicycles at the lunch stop. The Hill Cycle I rode, a beautiful wood rim restored Umberto Dei track bike, a fixed gear converted Scapin, and a mid to late 1960s Carlton.

 Rack 2- Peugeot PX-10 converted to a fixed gear with early Schwinn Paramount hubs and fork truss support. Chrome Maino fixed gear. Blue Trek 610 and then a Rivendell Bleriot 650b bike.

 Jed, one of the 2 ride organizers rode this stunning Carlton.

 The early Umberto Dei. Beautiful bike, and pretty fast rider as well!

 Chrome headlugs on the Maino, Italian built bike.

 Seat cluster treatment on the Maino.

 Front brake on the Dei, notice the cork brake pads for the wood rims.

British bikes stick together. 1970s Mercian and Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix- Reg Harris model.


 Beautiful, low miles Marinoni.

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