Le Chemineau, as seen at a recent bicycle swap meet. Incorrect wheels.

 Early attempt at index shifting.

 The headbadge is a reproduction on the kilometer marker at the town of St. Etienne.

 Seat tube oiler is located behind the seattube. The Simplex front derailleur is not properly set up, as one can see. There is a cork inserted into the seattube from the bottom bracket shell, and the rider would pour oil into the seattube, from the seatpost, and when he swiveled the oiler down, it will oil his chain. It seemed needed on the early derailleur systems on the dusty, unpaved roads of Europe post-war. I have seen this feature on French and Italian bicycles.

 Maxiplume aluminum cottered crankset, with what appears to be Cyclo Rosa chainrings.

 Chemineau proprietary rear derailleur. It is similar to the Cyclo. Oscar Egg dropouts.

 Henri Gauthier leather saddle. This is the steel rail model, but they also produced an aluminum rail version much like the Ideale.

Lam Super Dural aluminum brakes.

One thought on “Le Chemineau road bike

  1. The wheel infact are correct. The wheels and hubs extremely saught after, built by the Pelliseay brothers. Mainly Charles. These were and are some of the very best cold forged wheel rims with high flange and 15/17 double butt spokes…. Alloy unfortunately. I bought my Chemineau in 1959 as an 11 yr old for 60 dollars. Close ratio 4 spd hub with 36/48 chain wheel. Pantagraphed by Charles Pollisea(sorry for miss spelling his last name) the brothers raced in the Tour in 1928,29,30,31. Best finsh was 7th and 14th. And the brothers went on to make incredable hubs. Rarely will you see them offered. Try to find the gold ones.


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