Not our Raleigh, but someone in England is selling it and it is beautiful! and original. 
here is the Ebay Auction

The components-

Lauterwasser chrome handlebars/Constrictor grips.
Pat numbered chrome stem.
Lucas King of the Road bell.
Resilion front brake lever and cantilever brake.
Gallows seat post.
Incredibly rare Brooks Duralumin saddle. (Wide alloy rails). The leather top is outstanding.
26 x 1 1/4 Dunlop Lightweight wheel rims.
Raleigh front with Raleigh wingnuts. Radial front wheel. Usual for pre war RRA.
Sturmey Archer TF (two speed fixed) rear hub. Dated 1934.
With correct and original Model TF trigger, toggle chain and Sturmey wingnuts.
Raleigh chainset with Heron chainring.
Raleigh pedals with Heron cages.
Original extendable wire toe clips and leather straps.
Bluemel’s Noweight rear mudguard with pat number and Bluemel’s patent white rear extension.
Bluemel’s No 6 front Spearpoint extension.
Original Brooks/Raleigh saddle bag. With Brooks badge and Heron transfer. With quick release rod.
The straps will need to be replaced.
There are tools and a Dunlop puncture repair kit inside.
Rear panniers and rack.
Bluemel’s Featherweight pump.
Unbelievably, the original Dunlop Road Racing tyres. In superb condition.
The original Raleigh bottom bracket, headset etc.
As stated the original transfers, which are complete. Including the Chrome Molybdenum tubing decal.
Reynolds 531 tubing being introduced the following year.

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