Very cool original 1968 Schwinn Orange Krate. yes, I said- original. The bike is original paint, decals and parts. Pogo seatpost. The Krate Kollectors might point out the bike is a 1968 and should have a front fender, very good observation. I wondered as well, but alas, the bike is complete with original owners manual and stapled inside is the book is the receipt from the summer of 1968, showing the purchase of the front fender. Really. 
Amazing time machine bike. I doubt you would see a nicer original bike.

2 thoughts on “Customer’s Bike- 1968 Schwinn Krate

  1. yes Scott, unbelievable condition, and seeing the original bill of sale and other paper work is somewhat unheard of for a kid to have saved.

    He is in the market to sell the bike as well, a bit too pricey for us.

    I wish I took better pictures, but it was raining outside yesterday.


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