Sorting out some pedals at the shop I came across this rare Bastide stamped pedal. It is probably made by Lyotard. Hopefully the other side will surface but we do commonly buy stray pedals with the idea that we will find the other side in the future.

Here are pictures of a Bastide that I saw at a swap meet and should have bought. . .

4 thoughts on “Bastide pedal

  1. following on my brother's hobby, I've got interested in restoring an old Bastide bike. I'm looking for tubeless tyres and other parts. What would you recommend? Is there an outlet that has these parts? Thanks MikiO


  2. subsequent upon my personal brother's pastime, I have obtained thinking about rebuilding a classic Bastide bicycle. I am searching for tubeless tyres along with other components. Exactly what can you suggest? Can there be a good electric outlet which has these types of components?

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