This bicycle poses the age old collector question- To part out a bicycle or keep it together? 

This bike has such great parts on it, coveted by British bike collectors, but the frame is rather mundane. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful frame, with original finish, but it is not a marque like Hetchins or Ephgrave. We would not rob the parts off this bicycle.
Components include GB Spearpoint stem, GB Courier brakes with Super Hood brake levers, Cyclo Birmalux Super 60 rear derailleur and Cyclo Birmalux front derailleur. Dunlop Super Lightweight rims, Bluemels fenders, Williams crankset and Wrights “swallow” type saddle.
51.5cm (20 1/4″)center to center seat tube
52.5cm (20 3/4″)center to center toptube


4 thoughts on “Early 1960s Dunelt for sale 51.5cm

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