About 2 years ago I lost access to the Bikeville.com website. Between switching computers, and information, I misplaced the password and concentrated on other endeavors, starting the blog and focusing on Ebay. Last week I finally regained access, and started deleted items we no longer have, and will probably never come across again. At the same time I am starting to list some new parts we have come across recently and updating the website. I have to still add pictures of most of the new items, but I thought to at least add the items is better than nothing. Below are some of the new parts for sale.

Mavic 175mm ‘starfish’ cranks
Mavic road hubs, NOS.
Suntour Superbe Pro road hubs
Mafac Cantilever brakes
Simplex Super LJ rear
Turbo saddles
Early and rare Brooks saddles
Concor saddles
Cinelli Unicanitors

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