Yes, this bike was ridden the whole route of Paris Brest Paris. It is a single speed with an Eadie coaster brake rear hub, plunger front brake and leather saddle, that has seen better days.
Early bicycle tax plates are visible on the headtube. As cool as this bicycle is, I was happy riding my bicycle with some gears, and proper brakes. Well done to the British rider who completed this ride, PBP he rode a Hirondelle retro-direct, and before that a triple seat tandem, and I think a more conventional road bicycle on his first Paris Brest Paris.

2 thoughts on “Early 1900s bicycle ridden on PBP

  1. That is Drew Buck of the Veteran-Cycle Club. Before the triplet, he rode the event on a Dursley Pedersen with the original D-P epicyclic hub.


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