After many years of wrenching on bikes and thousands of miles riding, this is the mini-toolkit I have come up with for randonneuring and for Paris Brest Paris. 568 grams total, about 1lb and 6oz, not too bad.

(2) cables- one shifter and one brake- 38g

tire lever- 13g

Allen hex wrench set- 75g

spoke wrench- 17g

multitool set
(chain tool, 8/9/10 wrenches, little pliers)- 161g

bag of various nuts/bolts/zipties/chain master link, spare taillight batteries- 58g

Y socket wrench (8mm/9mm/10mm)

*crank tools(ta extractor and campy crank bolt tool)-143g

*Normally I don’t carry the Campagnolo crank bolt wrench and TA crank arm extractor, but I do have to take off a crank to fit my Hanford in the S&S suitcase for travel, so I thought it would be best to bring the crank bolt wrench, and while I’m bringing that, I might as well bring the TA extractor, as anything is possible and it is a unique tool.

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