So I finally started a Tumblr of bike shop stickers that I have been taking pictures of. The initial idea was a Tumblr of just the stickers, but I have expanded it to try and see if the shops are still in business and to include their website.

It is an interesting concept on a couple different levels. First, seeing all the different local shops that have come and gone over the past few decades and really understanding how difficult it is to run a bicycle shop. Second, the distance some bikes travel to get to our shop to be worked on. I once thought Michigan shops were cool, but now we get California. . Belgium. . and England. International. Lastly, the life these bikes live. Some were sold back in the 1970s and have not left the postal zipcode they were first purchased, while others have traveled the country and show it, but are still very functional bikes with a lot of life left in them.

So here is Bicycle Shop Stickers tumblr.

2 thoughts on “Bike Shop stickers

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