A beautiful Bates. I have always wanted a Bates, and I even have went as far as buying a Diadrant fork, in hopes a frame would later come in my possession(so far, not yet). Bates were known for the wacky fork design and the use of Reynolds Cantiflex tubing, also known as ‘cigar tubing.’ Cantiflex tubing gets larger in diameter in the center and it looks like a rolled cigar.

The owner of this beautiful bicycle came in inquiring about restoring the bicycle to period correct parts. We were more than happy to help him.

2 thoughts on “customer’s bike- Late 1950s green Bates

  1. This frame was mine before the current owner. The original specification, circa 1959, included Gnutti cotterless single chainset, Campag GS changer, five sprockets, FB hubs (fixed and free rear), and MAFAC brakes. None of these parts, or the original paint, made it as far as me.

    Please give my regards to the current owner. It went to a good home.


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