I have set up the bike to be ridden and to dial in stem length and height, so please excuse the black stem. Simon is going to build me a stem, something that will perfectly compliment the frameset, and also build me a front bag support. I love the French Blue, Bleu Farce.

TA cyclotouriste pro 5 vis cranks with 46/30 chainring combination.
Campagnolo 50th Anniversary front derailleur.

Chris King ‘no logo’ ahead set.
Campagnolo alloy Chorus 9spd Ergo shifters converted to 10spd.
(I prefer the shiny aluminum look over the carbon)

Recent Campagnolo Record seatpost. Paul Racer brakes.
Cool old foil Columbus decal. The frameset is built with Columbus Spirit for lugs.
Simon did the red lug lining.

7 thoughts on “Hanford #1 set up for test ride

  1. I'm drooling too. I get to break it in this weekend on the final qualifying ride for PBP, 600km(372 miles) of hills, glorious hills. I will become intimately aquainted with the bike over the 27k ft of climbing.

    I am super happy with the bike adn the whole process involved with getting a custom hand built bicycle.


  2. On this and Simon's own bike are some of the best lug lining I have seen on this side of the pond. Did he paint all of your frame, or only the lining?


  3. Peter Weigle painted the bike and added his signature JPW taillight.(don't ask, it won't happen).

    Simon did the lug lining. He is a master at luglining and box lining. oh, and framebuilding, as well!

    Peter, I have been riding it to work for the past week, and it has been on the drives as well, so it is out there, but is not a bike I will lock up. If you want to see in person, just call and ask if the Hanford is in today.


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