Anjou Vélo Vintage is a new Classic Rendezvous friendly event(CR has nothing to do with this event) happening in France this June. It is intended to help merge vintage bicycles, food, cycling heritage and camaraderie. Bikes are to be be made before 1987 and riders are to be dressed in period attire. Like in this video below.
If anyone who is fluent in French can translate what the use of white wrapping around his ankles is about, I would gratefully appreciate it. I have seen it used in old photos of racers before too, but I have no real idea, only guesses.

The ride is June 19th, 2011, and is the Loire valley region of France. Looking at profile maps of the ride, it appears to be rather flat. There are 3 lengths to choose from-30, 73, and 99km routes.

More info for the ride is HERE on their website(all french as well)

3 thoughts on “Anjou Vélo Vintage in France this summer

  1. he says the gauze is to keep the socks form falling down because it can be irritating to have the socks at your ankles while you ride. i've never seen it before.

    I'm still waiting for the updated website and i have list of things i need from you.


  2. About the socks… He said that typically in the 1920's cyclists would wrap a linen cloth around the top of their socks so they wouldn't slide down into their leather shoes while they were cycling. It looks like they were secured by some kind of safety pin…


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