Chandez cranks, manuf. by Chalaye of St.Etienne, used by Harry Grant for hour motor-paced record.

These are an interesting find because they are for a square taper spindle, whereas the others I have ever seen have all been the cottered crank design.

from Peter Brueggeman’s website of his beautiful Hetchins-

“…Harry Grant … at his first successful attempt on the hour motor-paced record at the Parc des Princes, Paris, July 1932 and paced by Leon Vanderstufyt on a massive pacing machine with a roller 60cm behind the rear wheel, he broke the world records for five, 10 and 50km going on to set a new distance for the hour record of 52 miles 215 yards riding a Selbach taper tube pacing machine….”- Hilary Stone

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