I’ll be in NYC this weekend and I see they are doing something awesome for the community-

from website-

Cranksgiving 12

Cranksgiving 12

The 12th Annual Bicycle Street Race to Benefit Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen and City Harvest

On November 20th, 2010 at 2:00pm in Tompkins Square Park, over 200 cyclists will gather to begin the twelfth annual Cranksgiving, a charitable ‘alleycat’ bicycle street ride. In Cranksgiving, riders race around Manhattan purchasing Thanksgiving dinner ingredients at designated grocery stores, arriving at the finish line with a bag full of food to be donated to various charities.

Cranksgiving is a race, but riders of all abilities and stripes come out to participate in the fun! Bring a bag, some money, and a good lock, as this year’s prizes include messenger bags from Bailey Works, MER, Seagull and Chrome, $150 gift certificates for 5.10 shoes, A Torker Cargo T bike donated by Brooklyn Bike and Board, as well as 3 $100 gift certificates courtesy of the Gilt group, to be redeemed at Gilt.com.

This year’s race features unparalleled opportunities to donate, even before the ride! Tiny’s Sandwich Shop (129 Rivington Street) is offering up to $6 off of their delicious sandwiches when you donate $25 and over at the store. Also, inn conjunction with the race, Hipstamatic is donating $1 to Cranksgiving for every photo uploaded to http://community.hipstamatic.com/contests/24 . Finally, if you can’t make the ride or get to any of the donation locations, go to www.cranksgiving.org to pledge to the Cranksgiving fund, benefiting City Harvest and the New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation.

Last year’s Cranksgiving helped feed over 100 families through Saint Mary’s soup kitchen on the Lower East Side, City Harvest and the New York Bike Messenger Foundation. This year, as more and more people find themselves in desperate times, Cranksgiving hopes to step it up and smash all previous records.

To more learn more about Cranksgiving, visit http://www.cranksgiving.org

Also happening in all these cities-

Albany, NY – Nov 20
Atlanta, GA – Nov 13 info
Cedar Falls, IA – Nov 20 info

Champaign/Urbana, IL – Nov. 14 info
Columbus, OH – Nov 20 info
Des Moines, IA – Nov 21 info
Fort Walton Beach, FL – Nov 20 info
Fairfield, CA – Nov. 27 info
Kansas City, MO – Nov 21 info
Mason City, IA – Nov. 7 info
Miami, FL – Nov 20 info
Milwaukee, WI – Nov 6 info
Minneapolis, MN – Nov 13 info
Omaha, NE – Nov 13 info
Provo, UT – Nov 25 info
Salem, OR – Nov 13 info
Santa Fe, NM – Nov 20 info
Seattle, WA – Nov 20 info
St. Louis, MO – Nov 7 info
Vancouver, BC – TBD
York, PA – Nov 20 info

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