No longer do commuters have to lock bikes to trees or other eco-friendly posts, well locking your bicycle to a tree negates the fact that you rode a bicycle instead of driving a car, as you are abusing and killing that tree.

From Phrugal Philly

Cycling around the city is an obvious way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. The only negative thing about biking to work for me and many others (besides dealing with angry motorists) is that it can be nearly impossible to find a spot to lock up in Center City.

But, alas! One of the 1500 rings purchased by the city using funding from the Energy Efficiency Block Grant was installed this week in front of my office on Walnut. The first microbrew I drink at whatever Beer Week happy hour event I end up at after work will go to Mayor Nutter, the PPA, and the Bicycle Coalition for making this happen.

It is great that we can use the parking meter posts again, as they are everywhere in Center City Philadelphia, headless without meters since they introduced the parking meter kiosks.

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