This transition bicycle, introduced after the High Wheeler and before the Pneumatic Safety. The rims were outfitted with a round hard piece of rubber, hence the name Hard Tire Safety. The invention of Dunlop’s pneumatic tires(air filled tires) made the Safety the clear winner in bicycle design over the High wheeler. The pneumatic tires provided the cushy supple ride of the High Wheeler with the safety of . . .you guessed it, a safety.

The hubs were ahead of their time. I remember service representatives visiting our bike shop from various bicycle companies to look at unique and innovative hub designs, and to then later see the hubs of a 100 years ago reintroduced as groundbreaking and innovative.

Unique dropout chain tensioner. Some of us who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s will see the extension on the rear axle as a ‘peg’ or ‘pogo,’ something found on BMX bicycles that was originally intended for tricks, but more commonly used to carry your friend around. On this 1890s bicycle, it is a mounting peg, it is used to help assist the rider in mounting and dismounting the bicycle.

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