This is a view from the outside. The event is held at the Memorial Hall. Much of the action happens indoors, but I neglected to take a picture in there, so you will just have to guess. . .
1891-1892 Columbia Hardtire safety. more pics to come in the future.

One sellers selection of Raleighs.
We sold this Raleigh Chopper a month ago as a ratty blue one, since then, he repainted it and restored the parts up nicely.
Nice Shelby Airflow bought there.

1903 or so Crescent Shaft drive bicycle. chainless.
Mid 1950s Raleigh Super Lenton for sale there for $800.

1970 Hetchins. I will post better pictures in a couple days, I took some nice one.

Nice early Schwinn CycleTruck with basket and basket top. Rear fender has holes for skirt guard?

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