One of our favorite customer’s bikes that we had the privilege of revamping into a fast little rain bike. You can see the before and after.

here is his writeup for it, from his Flickr page that has tons more pictures.

Early 60’s British Path Racer. Unsure of the builder, but the seller believed it could have been a Flying Scot. I had the bike repainted by Bilenky Cycle Works as it appeared to have already been possibly repainted. There is a serial # behind the fork crown that reads 446 and then K on the other side of the fork crown. Photos are visible later in the set. I had originally purchased this bike as a rain bike to ride when I was still a courier. You can see photos of the bike in another set in its original carnation. When I retired I decided to have the bike repainted, sprayed with frame saver and outfitted with a hodge podge of great parts. Better than the MTB stuff I had on it before! “

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