I could I be 6 inches or so taller! this frameset was found on Ebay and it is a 65cm frame. The lateral stays were added to combat frameflex due to the size. I figure the bicycle sometime in the 1940s?? That is a lot of aluminum. Looks like something my friend Yann could ride, well if he got a real job so he could afford this beautiful bicycle. I even contemplated on buying it so I could maybe use it as trading stock toward one that might come my way, but after thinking about it, I realized that I might have a bicycle collecting problem. Patience is a virtue.

3 thoughts on “A very tall Nicola Barra frameset

  1. I bought it!! It's now living in the UK, awaiting a set of wheels of the correct period. It's a spectacular machine. The size is actually 63cm centre to top, so not actually that huge. I now have 3 Barra's. I'm particular looking for one of his Porteurs.


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