I am not really want to write about other people’s auctions on ebay but this Rene Herse is something special. Not only is it a beautiful bicycle, compete with all the Rene Herse propritary components(stem, cranks,bottom bracket, brakes, front derailleur, rack, and other bits) but the bicycle fetched over a whooping $8600! That’s a lot of sheckel bucks!

The bicycle was complete with Cyclo 4 speed alloy rear derailleur, Maxi-Car hubs, Lyotard Berthet pedals, Mafac Professional brake levers, Philippe Randoneur handlebars, and Ideale 40 saddle.

More info on Rene Herse bicycles here by the March family and the Classic Rendezvous webpage, and the tradition has been carried on by Michael Kone, and this is the new incarnation of Rene Herse.

2 thoughts on “A very nice Rene Herse Randoneur bicycle

  1. yes Yann, upon closer inspection, it is a modified Le Chat. I was just going on the write up on Ebay, but I guess I should assume Ebay listings are not always complete.


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