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Art Show celebrates Philadelphia, the city that loves bikes

When Lorie Mertes, Director at The Galleries at Moore moved to Philly in 2006, she was mesmerized. “I didn’t grow up around bikes,” the curator admits. “Everywhere I looked there were messengers, commuters, bike cops, college kids, club riders and roadies in team colors.”

Some see a bike. She saw a design object with a visceral vibe. Her hunt for a vintage town cruiser led to VIA Bicycles on South Street where she met Curtis—owner, collector and “font of knowledge” on urban bike lore. She was hooked. With a curator’s sensibility and keen eye, Mertes began canvassing the city, piecing together the story of a rich, eclectic and vibrant Philadelphia cycling community.

The result is BICYCLE: people + ideas in motion, a collection of art, design, fashion, video and community events that reveals Philly’s love affair with two-wheeled travel. It’s now showing at The Galleries at Moore. Admission is free and open to the public. Since getting to Philly might be a stretch for some Bicycling and Mountain Bike readers, we wanted to share a few highlights of the show online. —Liz Reap Carlson”

I guess I should have mentioned sooner, as it is over on tuesday October 13th. . .. sorry.

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