Below are some cool bicycle headbadges that were still attached to cool bicycles. These were taken at the last swap meet. I liked the wheeled wheel logo, very similar to the logo used by Campagnolo. The Gendron bicycle had a very interesting headbadge with a Star of David design. Gendron bicycles were made in the USA and in Canada, and were described as one of the largest US bicycle manafacturing company. It was the first I have ever heard of the company, they patented an early safety bicycle in 1891 and even later, in the late 1890s had a shaft drive bicycle.

3 thoughts on “Headbadges – still attached to bicycles.

  1. They are beautiful. I find the headtube collections a little eerie, like collecting human skulls. I always wonder if the wonderful bicycles that were behind them couldn't have been saved. Of course often they couldn't.


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