This is Schwinn’s answer to the Raleigh Superbe. This Schwinn is equipped Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed, Sturmey Dynohub with lighting, and even a locking fork! It currently has incorrect brake levers(yuck!) but we can easily correct that with period Weinmann levers.

The boxlining is crisp and beautiful. I like how subtle the red is with the gold metallic paint. And the nice final touch is the winged Schwinn headbadge.

5 thoughts on “1953 Schwinn Traveler

  1. thanks for posting this! like the added features. how do i learn more about whether this is for sale, and if so, for how much? much thanks for the posting!


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  3. I just bought one exactly like that one .
    mine has the head light and rear red glass lens running light powered by a kick over generator . plus it has a stewart warner corby speedometer .everything works on the bike only the dry rotted schwinn tires need replaced .the old man i got it from charged me $35 dollars for the bike .said it has been sitting in his garage close to 30 yrs .
    soon as i get a mid range set of quality tires on it that bad boy is back on the road again .


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