Well hard to tell, but that is me and Curtis in the background.

Well i forgot to add, Curtis, the head of the Via Bicycle clan, was mentioned in a newspaper article about the David Metz Museum.

It can be read here- One the Asbury Park Press online.

High point-

“It’s nice to see my bike dork friends,”

Not to trump Curtis’s moment in the media, I was in the New York Times.
This article was about a swap meet we went to to sell some of our beater bikes. These bikes were all rideable, but were cosmetically challenged and some were more beater than bike, so we brought to sell cheap, to make space in the shop. Sometimes when we buy bikes, we are forced to buy a whole collection, rather than just cherrypicking the pile for 5 awesome bikes, we get 5 awesome bikes, 10 ok bikes, and 10 not so good bikes. We donate some to causes, and to some people down on their luck, and are stuck with some that we can’t sell at the shop.

Sure Curtis is quoted in the Asbury Park Press, and I am only paraphrased, but mine is in the New York Times. so I win. . .

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