Some people are against restorations of bicycles when they are not done faithfully to the original design on the bicycle. I usually am. I am usually the first to point out incorrect paint color, cable housing, tires, etc. But when the restoration is so far from the original design, I guess it creates a life of it’s own. Take this Humber. Humbers were known for their distinctive twin fork blades and beautiful chainring design that has people merrily holding hands. The owner of this bike kept some of the original idea, but added a French brake lever, newer handlebars, cork handlebar tape, a homemade saddle canister, and what looks like homemade trussrods. The sign and even white 26 x 1 3/8″ tires really make this bike into a new bicycle.

Equipped with a front brake and a Sturmey Archer 3 speed coaster brake hub.

Sturmey Archer Dynohub.

4 thoughts on “Tricked out Humber

  1. That would be my bike I named 'Sir Loin of Beef'. I built it for the 'Rat Rod Bikes Build Off #4' last year and took 4th place. The frame is actually a dumpster find 'Popular' with a bunch of parts from a '58 Humber' that had a bent frame. I also fabricated a bunch of other parts for it. It is ridden regularly for 10 to 20 mile trips. I also rebuilt the Sturmey TCW in the back and the dyno hub up front. I have just replaced the seat with a more modern road bike seat for a bit more comfort. Thanks for the compliments!


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