Here are two sheets of Daniel Rebour drawing that I acquired this spring.
I have always loved his drawings and finally bought the drawings for myself, this is after I bought a sheet for my boss a couple years ago.
He did drawings for most of the French manufacturers including Rene Herse, Alex Singer, Simplex, and others.
how amazing are they!
The Data Book has a bunch of his illustrations. it can be purchased from Van der Plas Publishing.

On Aldo Ross’s excellent blog- Welcome to the Island of Misfit Bicycle– he actually features one of the bicycle lights illustrated on my drawing. His blog features many cool pictures from le Cycle, But Club, and other French cycling magazines.

6 thoughts on “Daniel Rebour drawings

  1. I should also add that they are around 15″x25″ sheets, with the individual drawings affixed to the larger sheet. This allowed him to reuse the drawings for different pages in Le Cycle magazine. It is rare to find whole pages like this. It is my goal to find which issue of Le Cycle these were used for, so I can show how they were used.

    just something to keep myself busy.


  2. Helow Bikeville! the other day I was thinking of a background for my blog: when I did remember of some drawings I saw one day in Velo Orange… There I saw the signature of Rebour, so after a little research trough Google I found your images, I did downloaded them and I've worked in them with photoshop. The result is my blogbackground, except for the brooks saddle than I've done myself. I hope you like it and it is not a problem for you. I'm conna make a post where I'm gonna tell the process and mention your blog if you don't mind.
    Thanks and congratulations for your great blog!


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