2 thoughts on “Yellow Unknown early track racer

  1. Hey Joel, That is a Wastyn sticker
    on the seat tube, and the frame looks
    like Wastyn work, either Oscar's
    or his father Emil's. Not that the
    sticker absolutely identifies this
    frame as a Wastyn, but to me it sure
    resembles one. I worked for Oscar for a few months in 1961 and saw
    quite a few Wastyn frames, including
    pre WWII ones. If you go to the
    Wastyn website you will see that
    red, white, and blue shield emblem.
    Preston Grant


  2. Preston,
    the owner(eddie albert) and I discussed the wastyn sticker, but felt it was just added later, because the paint was probably not original. The headtube treatment is very unique, and must identify the builder, or at least who had their hands on it. the open end seat caps are kinda unique too, I know the Wastyn Paramounts either had ballend seatcaps or flat angular seatcaps later. maybe someone else has ideas??


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