This picture of my desktop actually serves as my “desktop” on my computer screen. many jokes are pointed on how cluttered my desktop gets(both on my computer and on my desktop!). A keen collector eye can see some pretty rare and valuable items amid the mess. (Click on picture to see bigger)

Some items I can pick out of the “where’s waldo” picture-
*Campagnolo Cambio Corsa rear hub
*Schwinn headbadges
*Shimano AX oversize pedal adapter
*Raleigh Chopper brake lever and rear seat spring
*Mafac brake lever hoods
*Early Stonglight bottom bracket spindle (nutted)
*Simplex quick release skewer plastic wingnut
*Stronglight P3 headset locknut

and rarest of them all-
*Via Bicycle pen. We never ordered them, but we got this one free!

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