Over the past few days I have been a bit under the weather, well anyone around me would say I am sick and grouchy! I thought that would be the perfect time to go over the website and start from scratch on some of the basic things I totally disliked about it. Not the greatest idea when you are under the spell of Nyquil. I made some good starts but looking back, hours spent while sick and working are hours wasted. I should have stuck to my original idea of watching trilogies- Spiderman, the Mummy, Indiana Jones(sorry I do not count the new one). The hours spent finagling with basic HTML code and CSS left my brain in mush and rather frustrated. I was able to come up with a flyer design for a DJ night I have this week. I am glad I was distracted with that.
All that said, I did put a new and improved. . .ish pages online.

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