Doing quick errands around here in Philly only makes sense to do it by bicycle. I choose to do it on a 1961 all chrome Rudge that has been retrofitted with Campagnolo cranks, Velocity 700c wheels, Panaracer T-Serve tires, Brooks B-72 saddle and a Union bottom bracket generator. I know the frame is too small for me, but it is really hard to find a vintage chrome bicycle.

It is great for getting around town, you don’t need more than three speeds for center city. The fenders and chainguard keep me clean and the rear rack and innertube are good for carrying things. Ideally I would want some larger front rack, but for now, I have a cosmetic one, a TA made rack attached to a Mafac Racer brake.

Curtis rides a Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck with a modified laundry basket on the front and double rear baskets on the rear. It has an inch pitch drive that is geared super low, great for carrying large loads or getting in shape, read:spin.

Curtis uses it for lugging groceries, taking packages to the post office and transporting Fido, the shop dog. Also great to BBQ off of.

In the CycleTruck picture is the newest member to push a broom around, Curtis the third.

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